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Individual Therapy

Looking for a Therapist?

Finding the right match with a therapist is a very personal decision.  At times it can feel a bit daunting, especially in the NYC-Metro with so many practitioners and therapy styles to choose from.  It’s important to feel safe, understood, and confident in your therapist.  You want to see the benefits of change in your life beyond the thinking and analysis, though that is important too! 


I believe the best therapists serve as a guide.  You have a destination and goal in mind, and could use some help finding the way.  Everyone of us knows in some intuitive way what will help us heal and grow to achieve our goals.   What I offer is my expertise to help you clarify your path and train the skills you need to make it there.  Beyond this, I offer a deep commitment to presence, and in practicing this presence, my commitment to seeing and understanding you to the best of my ability.  Together we collaborate to further you along your journey so that you can continue on, eventually on your own, still carrying the benefits of our experience together. 


My style is collaborative and interactive.  I hold a space for empathy and understanding while giving you a nudge to explore new patterns and behaviors that challenge old beliefs about yourself.  Throughout our work together, I welcome your review about how I’m doing and how it’s working out.  My goal is to hear clearly what you need and to find a way for our therapeutic relationship to get you there.  


In my Approach section, I elaborate the combined therapy style I have created.   If you have questions beyond what you read, feel free to call me and we can talk about it together.  

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